Hello! I’m Paul Spoon, and I’m a software engineer. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I’ve been creating software professionally since 2007. I’ve worked in a variety of languages and across many industries, primarily focusing on developing web-based applications. I’ve been involved in all areas of application development: design, back-end architecture and coding, database design and optimization, automated test creation, setting up continuous integration and deployment pipelines, and creating dynamic front-ends with single-page-application frameworks. I like to not only spend time in the code, but also to step back and see the big picture so I can make sure that not only do I deliver great software, but great business outcomes.

I am a passionate about being a lifelong learner, and that is my primary motivation for creating this blog. There are infinite things to learn in the world of software development, and as I learn I’d like to give back by passing my knowledge on to you!

Aside from being passionate about software, I also enjoy being a competitive Disc Golfer, a dog lover, and a husband to my wife who I started dating in High School!

Here’s a goofy picture of me holding some giant spoons. Did I mention I like having a unique last name?